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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Somaliland: Volcano In Eritrea Affects Flights

ARGEISA (Somalilandpress)–Flights between Somaliland and Djibouti have been halted due to the volcano that is erupted in Eritrea two days ago. Speaking to the press, the Somaliland’s Minister of Civil Aviation said they are worried about the situation and there have been problems since the last two days. The Minister said that there were no flights from/to Djibouti yesterday as the result of the volcano which affected many countries in the region.

He told the reporters that they are trying to find ways to overcome the problem but they are lacking the necessary equipments to estimate the danger. The minister said the flights to UAE and other countries have not been affected.

Red ashes could been seen on the Somaliland sky for the last two days which some described as the result of the volcano.

A huge Volcano erupted in the border between Eritrea and Ethiopia two days ago which affected the aviation in the two countries. Reports also said the Clinton’s trip to the Horn of Africa have been cut short because of the volcano.

“We are currently working on improving the Hargeisa and Berbera airports. We have very limited budget and we are trying to do the necessary and important improvements” Said the Minister.

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