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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Press Release from the ISAD Committee Regarding International Somaliland Awareness Day

International Somaliland Awareness Day Checklist

We the members of the ISAD Committee would like to thank all who have been eagerly asking us what they can do to help their country on International Somaliland Awareness Day (June 26th). As a committee we had envisioned an event that was open to participant creativity and individual efforts, however, due to the many requests we received we have decided to create a checklist that can be used as a guideline by our fellow patriots.

The following is a checklist of things you can do on International Somaliland Awareness Day. There are three separate options depending on the depth of your patriotism. We acknowledge in advance that not everyone can reach the Somaliland Mujahid level due to their schedule, but we ask that you try your best to reach that status or at least be a ‘Die-Hard Somalilander’.

1) Part-Time Somalilander
  • On Facebook Tag your friends on the International Somaliland Awareness Day Facebook profile pic.
  • Ask all your friends to join ‘like’ the International Somaliland Awareness Day page
  • Change your Facebook name to ‘Recognise Somaliland’ if that’s not possible there’s an option which shows next to your name (Real Name) change that to RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to the ISAD Page’s picture.
  • Update your status to RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND and add a Wikipedia link for Somaliland (in any language) to your status.
  • Post the words (RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND) randomly as comments to pages you like.
  • Post the words (RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND) on the walls of you non-Somalilander friends.
  • On Twitter post “Recognize #Somaliland #Jun26” throughout the day.
  • Add ‘#Jun26’ to your tweets on the day so that we can trend our hashtag.
  • Retweet tweets from @Jun26ISAD & @isad26june as they are posted throughout the day.
  • Mention the following “most followed” twitter accounts in your tweets about Somaliland (@ladygaga) (@justinbieber) (@BarackObama) (@britneyspears) (@KimKardashian) (@katyperry) (@aplusk) (@TheEllenShow) (@taylorswift13) (@shakira)
  • On MSN and Yahoo Messenger: Change your nicknames to RECOGNIZE SOMALILAND and add the Wiki page for Somaliland.
  • Send or fax a copy of the ISAD letter to the AU headquarters.
  • Send or fax a copy of the ISAD letter to the Arab League Headquarters.
  •  Send or fax a copy of the ISAD letter to your local representative. (can you make this clearer by mention an example cause people been asking they have no idea)
  •  Send or fax a copy of the ISAD letter to the editor of your local newspaper or write your own letter asking why Somaliland is yet to be recognized and encouraging them to do a story on Somaliland.
  •  Send or fax a copy of the ISAD letter to your local news agencies.
  • Call in to your local radio station and tell them why Somaliland should be recognized.
  •  On YouTube. Troll YouTube and post “Recognise Somaliland” on at least 15 videos.
  • We need these two videos to trend so: Watch, LIKE and Tweet + Share the Link on Facebook. (Arabic) (English)
  • Email a copy of our letter to the AU/Arab League to everyone on your friends list and ask them to forward it because it’s International Somaliland Awareness Day.
  • On Google Search for the word (Somaliland) repeatedly so it lands on Google Hot Searches and Trends.
  • Write a brief introduction to Somaliland on a message board that you are a member of.
  • Tell two of your neighbours about Somaliland when you run into them.
  • Use your imagination and do something bold and creative to spread the word about Somaliland.
2) Die-Hard Somalilander (The previous +)
  • Wear a shirt with Somaliland on it regardless of where you have to go on that day.
  • Get Somaliland face paint done before you go out.
  • Write your own pamphlet on Somaliland and hand it out to your entire neighborhood’s letterboxes.
  • Use your imagination and do something bold and creative to spread the word about Somaliland.
3) Somaliland Mujaahid (The previous 2+)
  • Stand at a busy intersection for 2 hours holding a home-made ‘Recognise Somaliland’ sign.
  • Get people to sign petitions which you can later deliver to your local representatives’ office.
  • Organise Somaliland Bake Sales, Fashion shows or even free carwashes.
  • Organise something with social groups in Uni/College Campuses
  • Canvass your entire neighborhood telling them about Somaliland.
  • You can approach your local politicians in person if it’s possible.
  • Order a bunch of Somaliland Stickers and place them EVERYWHERE
  • Provide free stickers to travel agents informing them on Somaliland
  • Go to large congregation zones and hand out a pamphlet on SomalilandUse your imagination and do something bold and creative to spread the word about Somaliland.
Whatever it is you are going to do make sure you ask your friends to join!
As the ISAD Committee we want to encourage creativity and ask you to not limit yourselves to this list, but to go above and beyond where possible. Whatever you do International Somaliland Awareness Day please have fun and be sure to take pictures and post them to our event page and share your experience with us. We thank all participants in advance and look forward to seeing the various activities held globally and would like to end with our favorite phrase; Somaliland Haa Noolatoo!!!

Important Links

Facebook General Forum: Page:
Facebook Event Page:

YouTube Promotional Videos: (Arabic) (English)
SomalilandPress ISAD Committee Interview: Wiki Page:
Somaliland Government Official Website:
Important Fax Numbers, Addresses and Contact Details
African Union Member States:
African Union Fax Number: 00 251 11 517 700
Arab League Details:
EU Details:
UN Details:
Please feel free to find more people to send faxes, emails and hardcopy letters to.

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