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Sunday, May 18, 2008


Sunday, 18 May 2008

From:    Jenny Sonesson,
                Secreteray General Liberal Women of Sweden


To: Dahir Riyale Kahin, Somaliland President
To: Abdirahman Abdillahi Cirro, Speaker Somaliland Parliament
To: Sh Ahmed Sh Nuuh, Deputy Speaker house of Elders
To: Mohamed Mahamoud Siilanyo, Party Chairman, Kulmiye
To: Faisal Ali Warabe, Party chairman, Welfare party

We have been following the political developments in Somaliland.

Somaliland has embellished its democratic political system with latest parliamentary election, which was a milestone for Somaliland’s path towards healthy democracy. International Election Observers monitored Somaliland elections and described according to the circumstances as free and fair elections. Somaliland was nicknamed as “Africa’s best kept Secret" and "Peace Paradise in Africa".

We hope that the different Somaliland actors (stakeholders) all of us shall engage us constructively for a peaceful and democratic outcome.

Leaders and people of Somaliland have come long when it comes establishment of democratic institutions and the coming elections will be a very important opportunity to move forward in the development of democracy. As we can understand, all the political parties and the government agrees to hold local and president elections. The problem is the time table. To solve this problem, all of the stakeholders with the help of the international community must come together and show a political leadership, willingness and courage in order to reach a united agreement concerning the timetable. The rule of law is important element when discussion the solution for the constitutional crises that come up.

Our hope is that all stakeholders, political parties, government and National Election Commission work together in order to achieve the ultimate goal, which is to hold fair and democratic elections. One important issue is the participation of women in the coming elections. If women are not in priority and the political parties do not give attention to this issue, it will be a democratic deficiency, so all the political parties should work hard to promote women in the coming elections.

We who embrace the success Somaliland already has achieved, wish you all the best for the coming elections.

Birgitta Ohlsson,
Member of the Swedish Parliament and Spokesperson Foreign Affairs, Liberal Party

Gunilla Davidsson,
Secreteray General SILC (Swedish International Liberal Center)

Jenny Sonesson,
Secreteray General Liberal Women of Sweden

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